B-CAUSE (Bucks Concerned About Unsafe Shale-gas Extraction)

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Lest you be lulled into thinking that energy companies have seen the light and turned over a new leaf, this was just published by Spotlight PA: A new report by Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection says conventional oil and gas drillers improperly abandoned thousands of additional wells here between 2017 and 2021 — often with impunity. Abandoned wells leak

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Not so benign

My childhood was shadowed by asthma and frequent bronchitis. We lived in Cleveland where open hearth furnaces and coke plants tainted the air with soot and corrosive sulphur. There is a reason that it is called “the rust belt.” But the friendly ol’ gas stove we cooked on may have contributed. Read more below. Stoves

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No Integrity

You have integrity when what you do matches what you say and vice-versa. It comes as no surprise that the energy industry has been called out yet again for misleading the public. They aren’t walking their talk, and we should ignore what they say and watch what they do. A parenthetical note: the Keystone Pipeline

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Same Old Tricks?

Investigative journalist Judd Legum zeroed in on Chevron for posing as a cutting-edge innovator in renewable energy when the opposite appears to be so. The energy industry has a deeply flawed record, and much of what they claim is helping the environment actually does more harm than good. This is about integrity. When you walk

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