B-CAUSE (Bucks Concerned About Unsafe Shale-gas Extraction)

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Evidence of Harm

It’s not news to us, but the evidence continues to build that nothing good comes of allowing fracking. Here’s a report from our Bucks County Courier Times, that adds to the irrefutable evidence. The industry continues to assert that fracking can be done safely. Still, the evidence shows that profit-driven businesses are not up to

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Why Closing Orphan Wells Matters

“A new peer-reviewed study from PSE suggests that prioritizing plugging wells closest to people may bring extra health benefits. Gas leaking from wells is known to be mostly methane, a potent climate pollutant. Scientists tested gas from 48 abandoned wells in western Pennsylvania and found that gas leaking from wells can contain benzene and other volatile organic

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Abandoned Wells Will Cost Us Billions

They are orphans because the people who profited from them left it for the rest of us to be responsible and close them. It looks like even $4.7 Billion won’t be enough to plug the orphans.


The ongoing and expensive problem of orphan wells should remind us NOT to allow environmental costs to become “externalities” in the energy economic model. The industry continues to exploit it’s political power and economic dominance, leaving the rest of society to clean up the mess and suffer the health consequences. Fossil fuels are killing us

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