B-CAUSE (Bucks Concerned About Unsafe Shale-gas Extraction)

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Keystone XL Pipeline Project Dead

The abandonment of the project by its developer is good news. But the economic environment that made it attractive to big oil hasn’t changed much. Because the cost of oil is low thanks to many hidden subsidies and costs born by the public at large, there is still plenty of incentive to burn the fuel

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$20 Billion

US Taxpayers provide more than twenty billion dollars ($20B) is direct subsidies to the Fossil Fuel Industry year in and year out. That does not include an estimated six trillion ($6T) in indirect subsidies that represent the externalized costs of our use of fossil fuel products. Damage to property, people’s health, and the environment is

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Bad for Horses Too!

Fracking waste contaminated water harms foals.

It Costs Big Bucks just to Leave it in the Ground

Pennsylvania collects very little when it permits private companies to tap the commonwealth’s fossil fuels. If the well owner goes bankrupt, who pays to close the well? It must be mighty tempting to those energy moguls to drain away all the liquid assets and then declare bankruptcy. Nothing good comes of fracking.