B-CAUSE (Bucks Concerned About Unsafe Shale-gas Extraction)

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Burning trash is not the answer to energy. You probably knew that, but just to bolster your understanding of the local consequences, here’s an article from the Guardian.

Elcon Rejected by Falls

The Falls Township supervisors did the right thing despite the prospect of being sued by Elcon. They voted unanimously to deny Elcon’s application. Any applicant has the right to seek relief from the courts, and Elcon is no exception. Their decision to do so will be based on a number of considerations: The cost in

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No Longer Deniable?

  The Trump Administration is loath to admit that climate change is real and is man-made.  I was surprised to see this article in WaPo this morning. One can only hope that the weather extremes and related human catastrophes have become too horrendous for denial to persist as a viable strategy for fossil-backed politicians. I should not

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Felony to Protest? Evils of SB652

Pennsylvania is deeply and corruptly enmeshed with fossil energy interests. There is a bill pending, SB652, to make pipeline protests a felony on a par with assault.   Keep in mind that the products pipeline interests want to bring to market should be kept in the ground for the sake of our children. Not only

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