B-CAUSE (Bucks Concerned About Unsafe Shale-gas Extraction)

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Food and Water Watch Phone in

  Ask your representative how “Demolishing the DEP” budget bills serve the public interest.   Food and Water Watch has the details (click link) and is organizing a statewide call in on August 17th.  http://fwwat.ch/ProtectDEP.  Don’t let this legislation happen!

The Art of Mendacity

You would think that a non-profit organization with a name like “American Council on Science and Health” with a slogan like “Science, Not Hype” would be one of those bedrock watchdogs of rigorous truth. But not in today’s world of disinformation. A couple of weeks ago my wife Marguerite received a nine-page single-spaced letter from

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Don’t Frack the Rich

“This is why I don’t think they will come to central Bucks or even Wrightstown to frack. And this is why I suggested that we should put the zone for fracking in the jointure in land next to a McMansion development. That said, none of that would stop them from fracking in upper Bucks in

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An Inconvenient Sequel

In the frightening denial of reality we are seeing in Washington, and with the State of Pennsylvania acting against the interests of local communities and individuals this film will be a timely reminder of the grim facts.  America and the world can not delay the transition to non-carbon energy sources. Delay has terrible consequences for

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