(Bucks Concerned About
Unsafe Shale-gas Extraction)


Sunday, July 19th, 2015

Dear  Friends,

Minute Message #2 – Precious water

So now you know.  According to the USGS 2012 survey, there’s a 90% chance of finding commercial amounts of gas under our area, and one driller already applied to drill (although no drilling is currently permitted under the Moratorium).

Surprising Fact:  It takes over 4 million gallons of fresh water to frack one well.  Only 15% of that is recycled fracking waste water and the rest is contaminated with toxic chemicals forever and dumped somewhere else. Where would this water come from?  

One ugly answer is Acid Mine Waste Water (PA Senate Bill 875 up for vote today.) The drillers want to use it, but want the Legislature to absolve them of all liability for consequences.

Public and private water in this area comes in part from wells and the the Delaware River watershed.  What would our lives be like without access to fresh water?


Take a Fracking Tour

One of our contributors discovered "Explore a Fracking Operation - Virtually" - a website that lets you see photographs of the various stages of fracking operations.  Those who have not traveled to the regions where fracking is done may be surprised at the scale of this industry. Well drilling and fracking requires hundreds of heavy vehicles and a logistics reminicent …

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