"Be Informed, Be Vocal"


Friends, Only two weeks ago, my husband Richmond Shreve and I encountered the appalling possibility of fracking in Bucks County.  Now we’ve had three public meetings, Richmond is creating a robust website to share information, and YOU took a public stand to make Newtown Township take notice of the strong public support for No Fracking in Bucks County.

The tide is beginning to turn against the oil and gas industry’s unchallenged use of unsafe shale-gas extraction methods:

• Newtown Township has agreed to actively support extending the current Delaware River Basin Moratorium

• The Delaware Riverkeeper Network is drafting a resolution our group can take from town to town, gathering momentum for a permanent moratorium

• The Philadelphia Inquirer had a excellent, front-page article in yesterday’s paper “Studies Link Fracking, Health Woes” (see link)

• Maryland banned fracking on June 1

• Attorney Jordan Yaeger did an excellent powerpoint for Solebury Township (see link)

As individuals or as individual towns, we’re easily defeated, but when motivated people join forces a new possibility emerges.  Together we can change the future for all of us.

With your permission, we’re going to send out occasional Minute-Messages to bring everyone up to speed and share what’s happening.  That will also keep us connected for future actions when the need occurs.  We need your partnership in whatever ways you feel moved to participate.  For example,

• Facebook fan?  Make our NoFrackingBucks Facebook page work. (tell us if you’re willing to do this)

• See a great article?—send it to us at info@noFrackingBucks.net  (we’ll post it on the NoFrackingBucks.net website)

• Artistic?—work with us to find creative ways to get the message out

• Are you a networker?— send our Minute-Messages to your friends and expand the base

• Tell us your story—what pulled you to get involved? (if it’s OK with you, we’ll use your quotes—either with your name or anonymously)

Give us feedback.  Tell us what we’ve missed that you see.  Together we can have some fun, do important work, play a winning game!

So thanks, friends.  We can’t do this without you!


Marguerite & Richmond


P.S.  In case you missed our little piece about who we are:  Richmond and I are retired from multiple careers and now live at Pennswood Village in Newtown.  We’re members of Newtown Friends Meeting.  We’ve been community leaders most of our lives and have founded numerous non-profit organizations for the public good.  We’re also business people, patriotic (Richmond served in the Navy, I served in the Peace Corps), and we love to travel in our RV.