(Bucks Concerned About
Unsafe Shale-gas Extraction)

March 25th


Dear subscriber,

Political gridlock, extremism, and blatant disregard for what benefits you, me, and most Pennsylvanians are possible because the leadership of both political parties has a choke hold on rank-and-file party legislators. Two things perpetuate that power: Gerrymandering and Big Money influence.  You can stop Gerrymandering by adding your support to the work of Fair Districts PA.

Organized and backed by the PA League of Women Voters, this organization is bringing together Republicans and Democrats to be an overwhelming grassroots demand for reform. Political leaders on both sides of the political spectrum need to know that you want your vote back. (read more at fairdistrictspa.com)

Success with the fracking issue depends on having legislators see that no amount of political advertising and campaign money can shield them from the will of the public. With Fair Districting we'll be a much stronger democracy.

So I'm recommending that you follow the link below, read the petition, and sign it. This is the real deal and not a partisan money-raising scheme. 

(click to see the petition)

Thanks! ... and stay engaged!


P.S. Even if you don't live in PA, this is probably an issue in your state. Reach out to Common Cause, The LWV, and other civic champions to see what you can do.