(Bucks Concerned About
Unsafe Shale-gas Extraction)

March 25th


Dear subscriber,

Penn Environment is one of the many good groups that is working to stop the ravages on fracking here.  I know you will want to know about this latest campaign and probably will wish to add your voice to the support.  If you've already received the email, please share it with your friends. 

The political climate will continue to favor those who couldn't care less about stewardship of our environment UNLESS PEOPLE LIKE US STAY ENGAGED.


Can we Block Fracking of the Delaware?

Penn Environment is circulating the following email.  Consider taking an active role... Big news: we just learned that in 5 days there will be a vote to help establish a ban on fracking in the Delaware River watershed for good. 1 With 289 confirmed cases of people’s drinking water wells contaminated by fracking in Pennsylvania, we can’t risk the drinking water for the 15 million …

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