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Minute Message #10: December Blossoms

March 25th


Dear subscriber,

 Backstory: The warming of the Pacific Ocean this year created a particularly strong El Nino effect that has altered the prevailing wind patterns across the US and kept colder air from the Arctic Vortex up north.  

Surprising Fact:  The Cherry tree in our courtyard is blooming and it's almost Christmas! The 60 degree days this week fooled it.

There are catastrophic consequences to extreme weather disruptions. We are seeing unprecedented droughts in previously verdant regions. In others there have been torrential rains and floods. Species unable to adapt are dying off.

Sadly, the carbon industry is conducting business as usual, drilling and building infrastructure to get more gas and oil out of the ground and off to market. Like cherry blossoms in December, the low prices of carbon fuels seem nice but are bad in the long run. They encourage us to delay switching to renewables, and they encourage us to burn more carbon. What will the future bring as a consequence?

Bucks County PA Barn by John Kane - Courtesy Liz Serkin and Herman Silverman

Foreign Finance for Shale Development?

With domestic needs more than satisfied and prices low the carbon fuel industry is turning to global markets, seemingly heedless of climate change. In a item focusing on the pending end to the embargo on export of US crude oil, The Economist said this:

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Need, Public Interest, and Risk-benefit are Ignored

After reading about the proposed Elcon site in Falls Township, a resident asked if there was any actual record of flooding on the 33 acre site. She recalled her experience of nearly buying a Yardley home that, unbeknownst to her, had been gutted and restored after the Delaware flooded a few years ago. She was amazed that Pennsylvania DEP would …

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Those who want fracking and pipelines are lobbying your legislators continuously.  When you send a postcard, or phone in your concerns it helps to balance that pressure.  If something you read here echos your thoughts, feel free to print it out and pen you personal note in the margin; then mail it. To find your State Representatives' contact info, click here (League of Women Voters website).


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