(Bucks Concerned About
Unsafe Shale-gas Extraction)

March 25th


Dear subscriber,

I have just learned that FALLS TOWNSHIP is ready to VOTE ON THE ELCON MATTER at their Supervisor's Meeting on MONDAY, NOV. 2 at 7:30pm.

The prototype for the proposed Elcon facility is up and running in Israel on the Haifa Bay. Due to numerous violations, the Israeli Ministry of Environmental Protection has now ordered that the Israeli Elcon plant be relocated AWAY from water sources and AWAY from a densely populated area into a deserted, desert area.

Imagine the personal and economic impact on our area if our public water supply has to be shut down for days because our water is contaminated. It's taken many years to clean up the Delaware River from past sources of pollution.  It doesn't make sense to collect toxic, hazardous liquid waste (175,00 tons a year--including fracking waste water) from all over the Eastern seaboard to a site surrounded on 3 sides by the Delaware River (an area that has flooded in the past) into a densely populated area. 

The Philadelphia Water Company opposes granting the Falls Township site to Elcon for obvious reasons.

Please join me and other concerned locals at the Falls Township meeting Monday night. I plan to speak and your support and presence would add gravity to the force of my words.

~ Marguerite Chandler

Documentation (click here)

Fall Twsp Municipal Complex Map


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