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Minute Message #9: Our Drinking Water at Risk

March 25th


Dear subscriber,

Back story:  A waste disposal company (Elcon) has applied to PA DEP for a permit to build a processing facility at the "knee" of the Delaware River in Falls Township, about 11 miles from Newtown and upstream of drinking water intakes that supply much of the potable water for the Philadelphia Area.

Surprising Fact: PA DEP could grant permission for this despite the risks it poses to our drinking water.  Nobody was surprised that clean water groups like Delaware Riverkeeper Network opposed the Elcon application. But now our water company has weighed in voicing its opposition. They used computer models to predict the impact of a spill at the Elcon plant and were alarmed by what they learned. Please read the press release (click here). Because the river is tidal, pollution is not swept rapidly down stream. It lingers and mixes.

Newtown and other area municipalities get about 75% of their public water supply from the Delaware River. The rest comes from relatively shallow wells. If you live or work in eastern Bucks County you have a direct personal stake in whether the Elcon permit is granted.  The decision will be made on November 15th.

Although it is too late to file official comments with DEP, you should still let your state representatives know you don't want the Elcon plant on the banks of our main source for drinking water.

To find your State Representatives, click here (League of Women Voters website).


Proposed Elcon site

Sept. 30 - Elcon hearing (please come or write a short letter)

How you can participate and be heard: NUMBERS COUNT!  LETTERS COUNT!  Arriving NO LATER THAN 6:30pm is important so that AS SOON AS YOU TESTIFY (either verbally or by letter), YOU CAN LEAVE.   WRITE UP YOUR COMMENTS so you can hand them in to the recorder (WHETHER YOU SPEAK PUBLICLY OR NOT).  YOU CAN ALSO MAIL YOUR COMMENTS IN …

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