(Bucks Concerned About
Unsafe Shale-gas Extraction)

March 25th


Dear subscriber,

Oppose Elcon's facility BEFORE the 10/14 deadline.


Letters matter!  YOU matter!  We need a massive outpouring of letters to OPPOSE this toxic waste recycling facility. The Delaware River virtually surrounds the site.  Anything that escapes during transport, transfer, storage or processing is certain to end up in the river and poison the potable water for millions.


Even though the site previously was used for heavy industry, it is an unacceptable place to situate an operation that is committed to processing as much hazardous liquid waste as its owners can attract.  Accidents inevitably happen when large amounts of liquid are being handled in all weather and at all times of day and night.  


In addition to the risk of water pollution there is the certainty of air pollution.  Even Elcon does not claim its process will improve the air.  Elcon's operations will continuously spew combustion products into the air in a densely populated area.  The DEP does not have sufficient staff or funding to properly assure that Elcon complies with regulatory requirements.  Should unintentional or illegal discharges happen, they will end up in the Delaware River immediately where accountability and remediation are nearly impossible.


Letters should be sent to:  Team Leader, Technical Review Committee, Hazardous Waste Siting, PA DEP, Southeast Regional Office, 2 E. Main Street, Norristown, PA 19401-4915  BEFORE 10/14.


Thanks for caring--and taking action!

~ Marguerite Chandler


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