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Minute Message #8: Toxic Waste in Bucks

March 25th


Dear subscriber,

Back story:  The Pennsylvania DEP is holding hearings on an application by Elcon to site a toxic waste disposal in Falls Township, 11 miles from here on the Delaware River. So, you ask, what's that got to do with fracking in Bucks County? Among the long list of nasty stuff Elcon hopes to process are various wastes from drilling and fracking.

Surprising fact: Despite the fact that the site will bring huge volumes of toxic liquids to the banks of the Delaware (the site is bounded on three sides by river water), the regulators have not barred this application from going forward. As you know the Delaware is the source of drinking for greater Philadelphia (that's us). Obviously this poses major problems for millions of people should spills or accidents happen as they inevitably do when tens of thousands of gallons of stuff are being transferred from trains and trucks to storage to processing systems.

There is also concern for air quality because the process includes a furnace to burn the stuff that will burn as they separate out the water and process the sludge. As we know meeting Federal and State air quality is not much comfort if you are down wind.  Compliance does not mean it will smell nice and we can be certain that it will not improve the air.

The availability of local disposal only serves to make Bucks County more attractive to drillers with no gain whatever to those who breathe the air or drink the water. The few jobs created is a poor trade for the extreme risks.

You can weigh in on the issue on September 30th. Read how below.

Proposed Elcon site

Sept. 30 - Elcon hearing (please come or write a short letter)

How you can participate and be heard: NUMBERS COUNT!  LETTERS COUNT!  Arriving NO LATER THAN 6:30pm is important so that AS SOON AS YOU TESTIFY (either verbally or by letter), YOU CAN LEAVE.   WRITE UP YOUR COMMENTS so you can hand them in to the recorder (WHETHER YOU SPEAK PUBLICLY OR NOT).  YOU CAN ALSO MAIL YOUR COMMENTS IN …

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