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Unsafe Shale-gas Extraction)


Minute Message #7: Milestone Reached & More to Do

March 25th


Dear subscriber,

Back story:  Municipalities in Bucks County are ill-equipped to go against the formidable shale gas extraction interests that hold sway over state legislators.  But our Supervisors are the leaders of a constituency (their residents) that also elects the legislators. So when they stand in opposition to shale gas extraction it sends a signal that's not to be ignored.

Surprising fact: Our Boards of Supervisors don't want fracking and the chaos and damage it brings to a community. But they have no way to ban it except by influencing those who have the power to do so.  The unanimous resolution from Newtown will go to the legislature and the Delaware River Basin Commission, both of which have fracking moratoriums in place.  Backed by the growing grass-roots opposition, it sends an important message.

In the weeks and months to come, activists will be providing additional resources to municipalities to help them make prudent preparations. The wannabe drillers and pipeline builders won't have easy going here. More and more people are awakening to the danger these industrial incursions are to our Bucks County way of life.

We congratulate the Newtown Township Supervisors for their prompt and unanimous enactment of the Moratorium Resolution. Well done! 

And well done to all of us who came out to support them in their leadership.


Hooray! They Passed the Moratorium Resolution.

On Wednesday night (9/9/15) the Supervisors of Newtown Township took the lead in passing a resolution supporting a permanent ban on fracking in the Delaware Basin.  That's big, even thought it doesn't of itself prevent drilling and fracking.  Because Pennsylvania is a Commonwealth, the state legislature is in charge of granting permission for shale gas extraction and individual municipalities can …

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