Hazardous Waste Processing in Falls Township

March 25th


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This is to let you know about an upcoming PennDEP hearing that maybe of interest to you given your concerns about our environment.

Elcon Recycling Services, LLC hopes to get Pennsylvania DEP to approve the use of a site in Falls Township, about 11 miles from Newtown, for processing liquid industrial wastes.  Contaminated water and liquid waste would be brought by truck and rail car to holding tanks for processing.  The process is complex, but involves distillation and the burning of flammable components in high-tech systems with the combustion products being "scrubbed" before gasses are released into the air.  The toxic residue is then transferred to landfills. The distillate my be recycled for industrial uses.

In non-binding off record presentations, Elcon asserts that it will not be processing fracking waste, though we are skeptical since they also assert that will accept virtually any liquid waste.

The proposed site, under 3000 feet from the Delaware River and upstream from Philadelphia drinking water intakes in an area subject to flooding, seems to us a bad idea - one that invites disaster when something spills, leaks, or gets inundated in a flood.

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