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Jointure Meeting on Oil & Gas Drilling Resolution 9-3-15 at 7pm at Wrightstown

March 25th


Dear subscriber,

We just found out that "the Jointure" (representatives of Wrightstown, Newtown Twp., and Upper Makefield) is meeting on Thurs., Sept. 3 at 7pm at the Wrightstown Municipal Building.  Their agenda includes the Oil & Gas Drilling amendment in its original (unacceptable) form.  We do not know if there will be a public comment period at this meeting, but it's important that we're present with our "No Fracking" badges.  I will be there and be prepared to speak if there's an opportunity.


We don't know how they will address this issue.  They may have alternative language.  They may approve it and recommend it to a vote by their respective Supervisors.  In the opinion of some, approving this flawed ordinance would "be worse than what would happen if there were NO ordinance and the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) and the Bucks-Montgomery moratorium were both invalidated.  Both Newtown Township and Wrightstown promised that they would not rush to do anything and that there would be opportunities for the public to participate in the planning.


So many people are away on vacation this week.  Please come if you are able to come.  Bring your knitting or a good book to read while they cover other matters on their Agenda, but be present for the discussion on the Oil & Gas Drilling amendment.


Remember that our greatest impact will be to be POLITE, APPRECIATIVE, RESPECTFUL, KNOWLEDGEABLE--AND PERSISTENT.


Proposed Ordinance

Review of the Proposed Ordinance

The language of the proposed ordinance lacks teeth and provides a huge amount of wiggle room. In my opinion, as a former business owner, it's actually quite favorable to a driller - that is unless he's encumbered by high principles and scruples.  I've marked up the linked copy to highlight specifics. Before discussing these, let's look at the context in …

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