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Minute Message #6: Faith and Climate

March 25th


Dear subscriber,

Back story:  With the Pope's visit to Philadelphia next month his encyclical on Climate has gotten great coverage in the media. In it he underscored the connection between climate disruption, faith and social justice and made a strong case that no Christian can accept the status quo and ignore or deny the need for global stewardship of our planet's environment.

Surprising fact:  Few people know that leaders of almost every faith and denomination have also called us to care for the environment as a matter of faith and not just science or common sense. Citizens Climate Education has published a 132 page book that records statements from 13 other Christian denominations, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Baha'i, Taoism, and more. Also included are statements of non-denominational and interfaith groups.

The gist of all these statements is simply that every person has a social, ethical, and spiritual stake - a fundamental responsibility to guard, protect, and preserve the environment. We hope you will be moved by your personal spiritual awareness to act. 

The 9/12 meeting announced in the post below is a great opportunity to be heard and find inspiration and support.

Announcement Flyer

A Moral Call to Action - 9/12/15

Many people see stewardship of our environment as a moral issue. The world's great religions call their followers to love one another and be stewards of all creation.  Climate disruption has moral and social justice implications that are the common concern of all faithful people. The forum announced in the flyer below affords a great opportunity to explore and discuss …

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