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Minute Message #5: Dirty Movies

March 25th


Dear subscriber,

Back story:  The volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that leak from wells, tanks, compressor stations, and other equipment are a major source of health problems for those who live, work or play in the vicinity. Recent evidence indicates that the government and industry have been greatly underestimating the amount of leakage and pollution.

Surprising fact:  Although most of these compounds are invisible in the air, special cameras can and do produce visual images. A citizens' group has been filming leaks across the country and interviewing some of those affected.  This footage give a face to the statistics and dramatically shows why nobody should welcome fracking to the neighborhood or even the region.  Check out the post and watch the video by clicking "read more" below.


Exposing invisible fracking air pollution

Hilary Lewis has used a FLIR Gasfinder camera to actually photograph the releases of toxic VOCs at oil and gas drilling sites around the US.  She and her colleagues have amassed some 150 videos and produced a short film to document the pollution of our air.  Most of this nasty stuff is not visible to the naked eye, but with …

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