(Bucks Concerned About
Unsafe Shale-gas Extraction)


Minute Message #4: Representatives

March 25th


Dear subscriber,

Back story:  Our local Municipalities derive their power from the State of Pennsylvania because we are part of a Commonwealth form of state government that essentially eliminates home rule.  In most cases state law prevails over local ordinances.

Surprising fact:  Well funded business interests like the fossil energy industry have huge leverage in Harrisburg and that has created a permissive legislative environment that is failing to protect local communities.  The only tool Municipalities appear to have for control of shale-gas extraction is zoning.

Even though the deck is stacked against individual towns, all politics is local and our state representatives must face local voters at each election. When enough of us reject the status quo change will be inevitable - so speak out!

No need to be eloquent or write a fancy letter, just send a postcard or phone and leave a message urging the representative to do the right thing by you. It's your privilege and civic duty to do so as often as you choose.  You will find complete contact information by clicking this League of Women Voters link.



Let’s stop this “give-away” to the Mining and Fracking Industries. Call or write your State Representative. SB-875 Amended 7.22.15 has been amended and has progressed 50% thru the PA Legislative process (it has already passed the State Senate). It is now in the House Appropriations Committee. Most likely our elected representatives will try and get the bill approved when the …

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