B-CAUSE (Bucks Concerned About Unsafe Shale-gas Extraction)

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Felony to Protest? Evils of SB652

Pennsylvania is deeply and corruptly enmeshed with fossil energy interests. There is a bill pending, SB652, to make pipeline protests a felony on a par with assault.   Keep in mind that the products pipeline interests want to bring to market should be kept in the ground for the sake of our children. Not only

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What Happened When Fracking Came to Town (Nonfiction)

  This is not news to followers of this blog, but we applaud the telling of the tale of misery and exploitation of ordinary Pennsylvanians. Click through and read the book review, buy the book, and send your comments to your PA legislators.  It is the politicians who have enabled this travesty. They need to

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Jim Greenwood – Gerrymandering

What’s gerrymandering got to do with Fracking? Everything.  They, the legislators, don’t listen to you when you protest fracking because they don’t have to. The are safe and secure regardless of how you vote. Here is Jim Greenwood explaining why… Not part of FDPA?  Check it out and meet people, both Republicans and Democrats, who are

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The Politics Behind the “Ban”

Read the article in the Courier Times today. You’ll not only get a great overview of what’s afoot here.  You will gain an important lesson in the down and dirty world of money and influence in government.  Ostensibly, it’s about a ban on fracking in the Delaware Basin. but the DRBC decision was to propose

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