B-CAUSE (Bucks Concerned About Unsafe Shale-gas Extraction)

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Jim Greenwood – Gerrymandering

What’s gerrymandering got to do with Fracking? Everything.  They, the legislators, don’t listen to you when you protest fracking because they don’t have to. The are safe and secure regardless of how you vote. Here is Jim Greenwood explaining why… Not part of FDPA?  Check it out and meet people, both Republicans and Democrats, who are

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The Politics Behind the “Ban”

Read the article in the Courier Times today. You’ll not only get a great overview of what’s afoot here.  You will gain an important lesson in the down and dirty world of money and influence in government.  Ostensibly, it’s about a ban on fracking in the Delaware Basin. but the DRBC decision was to propose

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DRBC – A high-risk job for commissioners?

The Delaware River Basin Commission is a regulatory panel that decides what may be removed from or discharged to our Delaware River watershed. Members represent the United States (Corps of Engineers), New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. Each entity has a seat at the table and a vote.  But the individuals, the people who

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Can we Block Fracking of the Delaware?

Penn Environment is circulating the following email.  Consider taking an active role… Big news: we just learned that in 5 days there will be a vote to help establish a ban on fracking in the Delaware River watershed for good. 1 With 289 confirmed cases of people’s drinking water wells contaminated by fracking in Pennsylvania, we can’t risk the drinking

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